Why SEO is so important Today?

Below are a few facts that illustrate why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an integral part of every web promotion strategy. 85% of Internet users find websites through search engines. 90% of Internet users do not go past the top 30 search engine results. They simply type something else in if they can’t find a relevant site. 75% of Internet users have the intention of purchasing a product or service when using search engines.

SEO Process

Initial Analysis & On-page Optimization

Key phrase research and analysis – Keywords are most important in any SEO optimization process and they are analyzed depending on the field of the site. Proper search and the analysis of keywords related to your website yields the highest Return on Investment (ROI). Keyword analysis is an important process in search engine optimization. Many keywords, which are most valuable for the site, are analyzed.

Competitors Analysis – Our SEO team will analyze the top competitors of your website on the basis of keywords and compare it with all the aspects with your site. Here we check the various website parameters like number of back-links, Number of indexed pages, Link Popularity etc. We will research the 3 competitors for the website who is dealing with the same industry and business.

This analysis cover following:

  • Key Phrase Rankings
  • Number of pages currently indexed by the major search engines
  • Number of backward links (link popularity)
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Useful recommendation on the analysis of the competitor

SEO Analysis – We will analyze previous SEO work done on your website  if any, and do the recommendation for the betterment.

  • Title review – We tune the title tag for the website as per finalized keywords for the website.
  • Met tag review – We tune the title tag for the website as per finalized keywords for the website.
  • Current Content review – We will review the content of the website pages and do the tuning of the keywords if required.
  • Current Stats Analysis (if stats are provided) – We will review the traffic stats of the website and analysis the different aspects of the traffic.
  • Technical Assessment – We will check the website for bad neighbor and SEO friendly hosting and provide the recommendation.

Usability Study

  • Navigation review – We will review the website structure and recommend for SEO friendly navigation structure of the website.
  • Design and layout recommendations – We analyze the website layout and recommend for better visibility and SEO friendly.
  • Page download times – We analyze the page load time and recommend you for minimizing the page load time of the website.
  • Browser compatibility check – We will check the browser compatibility of the website on different browser and recommend.
  • Shopping cart or checkout process review – We will check the website goal conversion pages and recommend you if there are any problem.
  • Broken Links Check – We will check the broken links for the website and recommend you for the same.

Copy writing/ Marketing Analysis

  • Appeal to target audience – We will check the website content that it is good for attracting the targeted audience of the website or not.
  • Writing style and content overvie – Recommendation for the tuning in the content.
  • Additional content recommendations – Recommendation for the additional content on the website if required.

Keywords VS. Target pages – As keywords are the most important in SEO process, it is also important to select proper page that each keyword of the website should target. Once we get the approval of suggested keywords, we analyze and find the most appropriate pages of the website that should be targeted for optimizing each keyword.

Google Analytics Setup – As traffic is important in SEO process so before making any changes in the website, we setup Google analytics to track the website traffic and measure the results after completion of SEO work.

Web Pages Analysis – In web page analysis we analyze all the important parameters of all the important pages of your website like site architecture & layout, title tags, images, code to text ratio etc… This gives us an idea where the website currently stand. We check all these parameters during & on completion of SEO and keep close watch on it.

Meta tags & Header tags Optimization – Meta tags are very important part of the web page. They are read by search engines but not not displayed in the website. Most meta tags are included within the Header of a website. The most important are title and description. Page Title is very important since it serves to be the main keyword both for the visitors and the Search Engine. We optimize the page title by including short and relevant keywords. Therefore a well-written page title will stand out differently from your competitor’s title on the results page.

Content Creation – SEO content is very important for increasing traffic to a website with the end goal of boosting search engine rankings. Good content not only inspires but also motivates customers. We give keyword rich content because we believe quality content is the basis of a successful website.

Robots.txt Addition – Robots.txt is file written and stored in the root directory of a website that restricts the search engine spiders from indexing certain pages of your website. This file does not allow certain spiders from viewing your private files. You can also prevent certain spider to look at any of the web pages through this file.

Sitemap Generation – Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

Image Optimization – Images are important to a site as they visually attract the readers. Images in your page are well read and will be optimized with respect to the search engines. The title for the image is framed such that they also serve to be the keyword. Providing proper Alt Tags to the images enhances the SEO technique of the page.

301 Redirection – We will do the 301 redirection for the website to resolve the canonical issue of the website (if required)

Webmaster Setup – We will submit the website to major search engine by setting up the webmaster account.

Off Page Optimization / Link Building

Off-page optimization (off-page SEO) is a strategy for Search Engine Optimization that is done off the pages of a website to maximize its performance in the search engines, targeting keywords related to the page content. It includes –

Basic Search Engine Submission – Search engine submission refers to the act of submitting your website to major search engines and directories and getting listed in those which is very important to promote your site. Getting listed does not mean that you will rank well in the listing. It simply means that the search engine recognizes your pages exist. Having top search engine listings is important for any company. A good search engine ranking results in many visitors and sales!

Link Building – Proper link building strategy increases link popularity to your site. Your site will be linked with relevant sites, with higher ranking. This in turn help in the increase of your website traffic. Sharing of links between sites helps in the increase of site’s PR value.

Manual Directory Submissions – Here we submit your site to various directories available on the net which is a good source of getting inbound links. Manual submission is much more important. The directory submission is based on keyword grouping and site sections. The title and description will be made.

Submission to DMOZ Directory – DMOZ is most reputed human edited directory on web. They have very strict criteria for inclusion. We optimize the title & description of your site especially for DMOZ & submit it manually.

Blog Setup – Having a blog in the website is the best way to provide unique content to search engines. We setup blog for your website and add the articles to them.

Product Feed Submission – This product feed helps to promote the website products through google shopping results (Google Merchant Center). Its helps to interact directly with the absolute key visitors.

Article Content Writing & Article Submission – Article distribution is one of the greatest ways of getting ranking by submitting articles to article directories. Article content with 400 to 500 words must be submitted to reputed article directories available on the net. These articles are submitted with 2-3 links to your website in the author’s box. Article submissions not only give you one way links but also the visitors.

Submission to Social Book-Marking websites – Social bookmarking is one of the latest powerful SEO tool to promote website. We submit your website to various high traffic social book marking websites like digg.com, delicious.com etc. It not only helps in getting  better ranking in search engines but also helps to get more traffic to website.

External Blog Setup – Setup the external blog for the website on blog hosting website like blogspot, wordpress, xanga etc.

External Blog Promotion – Promotion of external blog of the website by posting different content in it and submitting RSS feed of the website on different feed website.

RSS Feed Submission – Submit the RSS feed of the website to different feed hosting websites.

Press Release Submission – Submit the website to different press release hosting website.

Thematic Link Building – We do the thematic link building for the website.

Statistics Report

Web site statistics provides you information that will let you know the data about the traffic coming to your website. A clear statistics from visible counters to the invisible logs is given. These numbers are vital in shaping advertising campaigns and site design for a website.